“Timothy Phillips closed the recital with an illustrious playing of Leonard Bernstein’s Sonata for Clarinet and Piano.” –The Clarinet

“The concert opened with Dr. Timothy and Dr. Katrina Phillips performing Mendelssohn’s Concert Piece No. 2, Op. 114 with pianist Nathan Brandwein. The opening work featured an outstanding performance by all three players and was a great opening to the event.” –The Clarinet

“Dr. Timothy Phillips captivated students during the clarinet choir rehearsals with his kind demeanor and sensitive pacing as the group worked toward a musically fulfilling performance. His sound rehearsal and conducting techniques were highly effective in this pursuit.” –The Clarinet

“The Troy University Clarinet Day is growing in the world of clarinet conferences, exposing high school clarinetists to a rich experience and allowing them to interact with a wide variety of guest artists from around the world. This event could not have been so successful without the enormous efforts and the generous personality of Timothy Phillips and the Troy University Clarinet Studio.” –The Clarinet

“Timothy Phillips did a wonderful job of hosting the Fifth Annual Troy University Clarinet Day. Phillips has successfully brought in amazing talent year after year enticing clarinet enthusiasts from all over the Southeast.” –The Clarinet

“Dr. Timothy Phillips presented an enlightening lecture on the importance of clarinet equipment. He talked about how to pick and care for quality reeds. He also emphasized investing in a good mouthpiece in order to reach the full potential of your own individual sound.” –The Clarinet

“A highlight was the premiere of Carl Vollrath’s serene trinket entitled Little Violet performed by (Timothy) Phillips.” –The Clarinet

“The recital ended with (Timothy) Phillips and (Jan Jakub) Bokun contributing a nuanced and fresh performance of Franz Krommer’s Concerto for Two Clarinets, Op. 91.” –The Clarinet

“On the second day of camp, Phillips presented his master-class. His personality was very engaging and he used his witty sense of humor to draw the students in. Topics included self-assessment and correction of bad habits along with a discussion of articulation studies, with focus on the altissimo register. He was encouraging to the attendees and provided helpful analogies to guide them through the objectives.” –The Clarinet

“Thanks to event organizer Timothy Phillips, the Sixth Annual Troy University Clarinet Day was a delight for all who attended. The day could not have gone more smoothly, and the participants enjoyed an educational and enriching experience.” –The Clarinet

“Troy University clarinetist Timothy Philips performed a recital of works for clarinet, soprano, and piano featuring works by Ravel, Vollrath, and Kern/Hammerstein. Mr. Phillips’s clarinet lines served to heighten the emotional journey undertaken by soprano Christi Amonson, whose crystal clear diction was striking, in Carl Vollrath’s song cycle Love Songs.” –The Clarinet

“Phillips sounded particularly lovely in the second movement, as his first entrance seemed to effortlessly emerge from the marimba sound. The unusual pairing of these instruments was really interesting and enjoyable. The mellowness of the marimba truly complimented and supported Phillips’ dynamic clarinet playing.” -The Clarinet